Monday, February 21, 2011

Hidey Ho Campers!! Beautiful day today in the hill country of Texas! So, being that it's my day off since the restaurant is closed, I started off the day wanting to scrap. Be that as it may, I couldn't get a page going for the life of me. To the rescue comes Shelley May...yay! Shelley May is my new buddy and one of the design team over at Paper Issues. Check her out she is friggin funny AND talented...(clearing throat) *ahem* beeitch *cough*

Anyway, Shelley gave me a challenge of using red, turquoise (yay!) and kraft with a little yellow, some stitching, 4 punches and one word title and one pic. So here is my take on that...(anyone who knows me knows I can't do what I am told verbatum!) or verbatim?

This is a pic of my legs and Cade's intertwined as we layed on the couch and watched the History Channel. :) I used some awesome apps on my iphone to vintage circa 1970 the photo. Love that damn  iphone and those apps!
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  1. Such a fun, playful layout! Love the colors! It looks like you used some paper tape on there? I need to get some of that stuff, it looks like it would be so fun to work with! TFS!

  2. YOU are a nut! Love this and my new buddy! glad i did some good today! couhg(beeyotch)cough!!! pass the percocet!

  3. ooh those colors are fab together! love the title, the twine, well all of it really! xD

  4. I like where you are going with this page!!! It's unique, thoughtful and original. Love the color combo, the photo and the subject. Want to see more! :)